I would like to know where I can find a list of parameters that can be specified when importing a CSV into QGIS using python. The documentation I've found only shows a few options.

QGIS Cookbook

I would like to specify the number of lines to skip, and the fields of the X and Y when there isn't a header. How do I find the complete list of options?

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Here are the parameters required while importing a delimited text file: (String values are usually case-insensitive. Yes, yes, YES are all valid)

key value(s)
crs e.g. epsg:4326, EPSG:3857
type csv/regexp/whitespace
delimiter <delimiter character(s) or regular expression>
xField <field name>
yField <field name>
zField <field name>
mField <field name>
spatialIndex yes/no/y/n
subsetIndex yes/no/y/n
watchFile yes/no/y/n
geomType none/point/line/polygon
wktField <wkt field name>
maxFields number
quote <quote character> e.g. "
escape <escape character> e.g. "
skipLines number
skipEmptyFields yes/no/y/n
useHeader yes/no/y/n
xyDms yes/no/y/n
trimFields yes/no/y/n
encoding <encode> e.g. utf-8, turkish, latin1
subset ???
detectType yes/no/y/n
decimalPoint <decimal character is comma> -> ,
booleanTrue <text for True> e.g. true, True, TRUE, OK etc.
booleanFalse <text for False> e.g. false, False, FALSE etc.

Uri structure:

uri = f"file://{file_path}?key=value&key=value&..."


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