I have a road shapefile (lines) and and speed limit signs (points) near the roads. Now I want to create points on every 5m on the roads between these signs so every single created point should have a speed limit information of a speed for that part of road in that direction (for example if I have a road part between signs where the speed limits are from 60 to 80 and the road direction is from sign 60 to sign 80 all created 5m points should have a speed limit information of 60). Also these points must to contain information of roads too. This is how I have start working:

  1. I have joined line attributes to the signs using join by location tool.
  2. I have snapped points to the lines
  3. I have split the lines on these snapped points.
  4. I have created the points on every 5m on these splited lines.

Because I don't have that what I want using my previously described solution I want to know how to solve this using ArcGIS.

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    I can't understand what you gain from having points every five meters. This is a uselessly fine interval that would overwhelm any map. Your description states you've accomplished your goal, which makes the purpose of asking the question unclear. – Vince Apr 10 '18 at 10:25

So if I understand correctly you have already created points every 5m along your line (let's call this point file), you have a speed limit sign file which has an attribute of "speed", and you have a line file. You have spatially joined your speed limit point file to your line file and your line file is now split at each of these speed limit points. You now want the 5m points showing the speed limit.

May not be the quickest way but: In your joined speed limit to line file add a field in the attributes. Use the field calculator to copy the "speed" attribute. Now your lines show have a speed and you can do the reverse for your 5m points (join to lines, add field, copy speed)

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