Sorry for this basic question, but I am using Landsat8 images with "surface reflectance" treatment from Landsat8.

I am having some trouble with the data from some bands. Most of pixel are beyond 10k.

According Landsat8, we have a range between -2000 ~16000. The valid range from Landsat8 is 0 ~ 10000, but I do not know what to do with the data outside this range

First option: -2000 will be 0 16000 will be 10000 And after this we multiply per 0.0001

Second option: lower than 0 will be -9999 Higher than 10000 will be -9999 And after this we multiply per 0.0001

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Is the second option. Data under 0 or over 10000 needs to be handled as NULL data (saturated cells). In your case, NULL Value is -9999, but if you set those ranges as a value instead of a NULL cell, the value will be multiplied with the scale factor. It depends of the software used

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