I have derived surface temperature from the Landsat 8 thermal band 10.

My vector file is the following: Small Areas City of Melbourne

I want to calculate the mean, median and maximum temperature of the 14 different small areas that are within my spatial extend. I have already clipped the temperature raster file to the outline of the small areas vector layer.

Now I have tried Raster > Zonal statistics which simply does not return anything and I have tried the Zonal Statistics from the plugins, which returns empty values.

Can someone help me out?


This is probably a projection issue.

  • Landsat 8: UTM Zone 55N (EPSG: 32655)
  • Melbourne data: WGS84 (EPSG: 4326)

When I saved the polygon as a new shapefile (selecting EPSG 32655), Zonal statistics worked.

enter image description here

(Also I did confirm original file returned with blank cells by Zonal statistics.)

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