Is it possible to use the ui.Chart.image.series function with an image collection, region, reducer, scale, AND a max pixel limit?

I'm dealing with 10m Sentinel-1 data, and even moderately sized regions hit the 1e7 default pixel count limit.

Anyway to override this in the time series plotting function?

I know how to do so using the "maxPixels:" argument in the image.ReduceRegion function. Essentially I want something like this

print(ui.Chart.image.series(collection, polygon, ee.Reducer.count(maxPixels: 1e12), 10));
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    I have met the same problem. I also watched the tutorial video but I didn't have any clue. Could you please update your answer to solve this problem? Thanks.
    – Leah
    Commented May 27, 2019 at 19:10

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You can't print more than 5000 things. That includes charts. To export time series of more data (and optionally chart them elsewhere), please see this tutorial.


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