I need to test the performance of the ArcGIS REST API (Version: 10.51) on the map services I have created. The tester within our team is using swagger but it is not implemented in the ArcGIS REST API.

Are there any ESRI tools (external or REST API) to check the performance of the ArcGIS REST API? Where should I look out for them?

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After a while I managed to find the solution to that. ESRI does not provide testing tools bu it provides monitoring tools (if anyone interested to monitor instead). Details on this link.

In order to test the performance of the ArcGIS REST API I used the blazemeter website and created a call by setting the amount of users and the testing time. Essentially this is a JMeter. Token from the blazemeter account should be added on the call. Token also from the REST API should be added.

Details on Blazemeter docs in this link.

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