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I would like to copy names from field 'Uch_1' to 'Uchastok' but not all. Names in 'Uch_1' should be copied and replace only where in 'Uchastok' cells are 'NULL' but if not, it remains without changes.

Any ideas what code should I use in Field Calculator?

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there are a few options


Select all cells with value 'NULL'

Open field calculator

  • You will see the first option checked: 'only update xxx selected features'. Keep it checked!!
  • check 'update existing field'
  • select 'Uchastok'

In the expression panel add "Uch_1"

Press 'OK'


  • check 'update existing field'
  • select 'Uchastok'

Add following code:


when "Uchastok" is null then "Uch_1"

else "Uchastok"


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