I tried a lots on Google to find a sample of showing how to add a Field to attribute table of an existing shapefile. For example I have a Shapefile at


and need to add two field L_CITY and R_CITY both text and 50 characters limit. Can you please let me know how to do this in DotSpatial?

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You would need to access the attribute table of the Shapefile, then get the column collection and add a new one:

static void AddColumn()
    string sf_name = @"C:\temp\a.shp";

    Shapefile sf = Shapefile.OpenFile(sf_name);

    //Create the new column (name + type)
    DataColumn newCol = new DataColumn("colName", typeof(string));
    //Add the length restriction
    newCol.MaxLength = 50;

    //Add the new column to the attribute table.

    // save in the current shapefile

    //Or save in a new one
    sf.SaveAs(@"C:\temp\a_copy.shp", true);

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