Forgive my language, I am a newbie in QGIS. I created a spatialite layer and added 4 fields. As I was working on the project I realised that I didn't need one of the fields, and I needed to add 3 different fields, to make them 6 in total.I encountered the limitation of SQLite not being able to delete created fields. So I looked for a GUI option of modifying the database. I successfully deleted that one column and added 3 new ones. Now the problem is when I open the layer in QGIS to edit the feature attributes, only the old 4 columns are still available. My spatial layer initially had these attributes: These were my initial fields. After updating the SQLite database using DB Browser for SQLite, below is the structure of my table from DB Browser for SQLite: modified table for the layer Coming back to QGIS to add more information to newly created fields, I still find the old 4 fields: Old attribute fields displayed after table structure updated.

Anyone to help so that my layer loads all fields for feature attributes please?

  • Did you try adding the layer to QGIS again? – csk Apr 19 '18 at 18:06

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