In QGIS I have a shapefile containing about 2000 features where I added a unique ID using the $id expression . I want to continue adding features to the same table, using the attribute feature pop-up after finishing the geometry creation.

My question is: is there an expression or function that auto-increment on the id numbers already in the id column? E.g. if you have id's from 1-2000, then QGIS automatically suggesting id number 2001 for the next feature added?

enter image description here

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There is AutoFields plugin which does exactly what you have described.

After selecting the layer, choose your id field as the target Existing Field then give $id expression into the Custom Expression.

Having said that, I would recommend Update existing field in the Field Calculator.

enter image description here

It means you will update id field after adding features, but it would be easier.

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