Is there a way to force ogr2ogr to wrap string-column values with double-quotes? I have a column with string values like "000010001", which OGR correctly interprets as a string when writing to CSV. However, Excel converts that value to a numeric 10001 when parsing the CSV, due to a lack double-quotes wrapping the value.

  • @Luke - it's not me that's doing the Excel import. It downstream users that I have no personal contact with. But I understand your point.
    – rgwozdz
    Apr 23, 2018 at 12:24

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From the docs for ogr2ogr and the CSV driver it doesn't look possible to specify quoting text fields on output.

You might like to try converting to XLSX format:

ogr2ogr -f XLSX test.xlsx test.csv

Or you can force quotes using OGR SQL, but be aware they get quoted again on output:

$ ogr2ogr -sql "select concat('\"', a, '\"') as A, B, C from test" -f csv /vsistdout/ test.csv

if you are using a Mac/Linux PC you can strip the triple double quotes by piping to sed (or awk or use bash variable manipulation)

$ ogr2ogr -sql "select concat('\"', a, '\"') as A, B, C from test" -f csv /vsistdout/ test.csv | sed -e 's/\"\"\"/\"/g'

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