I want to re-assign the attributes of a table of regular polygons based on their spatial relantionship so that the polygons are clustered like this:

enter image description here

This essentially means to swap the attributes from one polygon to another based on some condition(s). This is the table behind the picture:

CREATE TABLE public.grid_attributes
  uid numeric NOT NULL,
  owner character varying(50),
  priority boolean,
  geom geometry(MultiPolygon,32630)

The order/direction by which this clustering happens should (preferably) start from the polygons which are designated as priority of which there is one for each category I wish to use to cluster. That would be the ownerattribute.

My question (assuming I formulated this in an understandable way) is if SQL/PostGIS is right tool for this problem, and if it is how should I approach it/any hints?

  • Well, you can always UPDATE <table> SET <column> = <some_value>, where <some_value> can be that of any other row in your table based on arbitrary complex rules...but I don´t really get yours. could you explain some more how to get from the left to the right picture? do owner and priority change and if, how? – geozelot Apr 19 '18 at 11:06

I've done something similar to this hundreds of times. You didn't provide enough information to provide more than a stick-figure solution, but one way to do it would look like this:

UPDATE mytable t
   SET colval = vt.colval
   SELECT t.keycol,j.colval
   FROM   mytable t
   JOIN   othertab j ON j.geomcol && t.geomcol AND 
) vt
WHERE t.keycol = vt.keycol

Make sure your "colval" column is integer, not numeric (or you may have equivalence difficulties), and indexed (to avoid a really ugly N-squared performance hit).

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