The organisation I've just started at uses QGIS 2.14 Essen & I want to download it to practice at home on my Win 64 Home Premium machine. I've found an index of exe files (download.osgeo.org/qgis/win64/) but have no idea which one I should download.

e.g. what's the difference between this one QGIS-OSGeo4W-2.14.22-1-Setup-x86_64.exe & this one QGIS-OSGeo4W-2.14.22-1-Setup-x86_64.exe.md5sum? What's the md5sum part mean?

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The .md5sum file looks like this: 7019f34346e4cbeca68fae5681107ed0 *QGIS-OSGeo4W-3.0.1-1-Setup-x86_64.exe

It is a mechanism to confirm no one has tampered with the file and that it has downloaded correctly. So you want to download QGIS-OSGeo4W-2.14.22-1-Setup-x86_64.exe. Then if you want to confirm it hasn't been altered and is all there you can compute the md5sum hash for it independently and compare it to the value in QGIS-OSGeo4W-2.14.22-1-Setup-x86_64.exe.md5sum. There are plenty of guides explaining how, eg: https://www.lifewire.com/validate-md5-checksum-file-4037391


The md5sum is just to make sure your downloaded installation file is complete, and not corrupted. See md5sum on wikipedia for how it works. Download both, then use the md5sum file to check the installation file.

You probably should consider moving ahead to version 2.18.x, the current "stable".

  • If I was learning independently I'd be using the latest stable version but for now, as I'm a beginner, I'll stick with the same one I'm going to be using at work.
    – Jeffk
    Commented Apr 19, 2018 at 10:42
  • Based on my own experience and I would recommend to switch to the current stable, which is not always free of troubles either. So far I have tried 2.18.17 and it has the components I needed (QGIS-OSGeo4W-2.18.17-1-Setup-x86_64.exe). See gis.stackexchange.com/questions/273002/…
    – Marco
    Commented Apr 19, 2018 at 11:00

you should download QGIS-OSGeo4W-2.14.22-1-Setup-x86_64.exe the QGIS-OSGeo4W-2.14.22-1-Setup-x86_64.exe.md5sum file is just there for you to verify the 'checksum' of the .exe files integrity.

if i've missed the mark on the .md5sum part, can someone just rectify.

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