I am trying to calculate cover ratio for each plot in a neighbourhood and thus there are 2 shapefiles, one with parcel and other with building outline.

shapefile image So I want to:

  1. Assign each building a plot according to location. I would need some tolerance option since some buildings slightly overextend plots.
  2. Add up the area of building in a plot.
  3. Divide by plot area.

I am unable to think how to do step one.

I am using ArcInfo, with Spatial Analyst License.

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    1) Spatial join plots to Buildings using for example 'Have their center in'. 2 you can solve with Intersect or Union and Field Calculator
    – BERA
    Apr 19 '18 at 9:34

1) Spatial Join Plots to Buildings using for example 'Have their center in'

2) (To have a Shape_Area column your data need to be in a File Geodatabase.):

  1. Intersect Plots and Buildings

  2. Dissolve by Plot ID or Name etc.

  3. For each plot you now have Shape_Area which is the area in each plot covered by Buildings
  4. Join this back to original plots by Plot ID/Name
  5. Calculate a new column using Field Calculator as Shape_Area (from the dissolved features) / Shape_Area
  6. Remove join

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