I am developing earthquake visualization web-app for arctic zone using Google Maps JavaScript API. During the development I found Google Maps doesn't display map above approximately N85 degree, if you build Google maps in your site (on their site arctic displays correctly in satellite mode). It's fine if you don't work with arctic.

In my case this is a problem, because I have earthquake data above N85 to display. You can see my current situation on a picture below.

Arctic problem

Maybe someone already had same problem and knows certain how to fix it. I tried to set another projection for map (it also fix object distortion problem), but don't find high resolution tile for arctic. Hope there is another solutions.

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The problem is that the projection being used EPSG:3857 is only intended to be used between 85.06°S and 85.06°N.

  • So I have to use another projection to display this zone? Is there any projection fit my task and Google maps (I read, it only works with rectangular projections)?
    – QuarK
    Apr 19, 2018 at 12:58

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