Currently, we are running into a very scary situation wherein our SOC machine(s) are getting disconnected from our SOM machine. When we add them back using the Server Manager, we get this message from the Server error logs:

Container failed to create on machine GIS-AGS1-PV. Error: 0x8000401a (The server process could not be started because the ArcGIS Server Container account(s) is/are not configured properly on all ArcGIS Server Container machines. Please make sure the ArcGIS Server Container account username and password is valid and identical on all machines in the ArcGIS Server deployment.)

Should we run the post-installer on the SOC machine to restablish the account, and/or on the SOM machine as well?


Very aware that this software is unsupported, but this is the boat we are in. We are in the process now of upgrading all of our infrastructure to move off of 10.0 and onto Enterprise. We still need to keep the old stuff concurrently running, however, to continue operation of our enterprise applications. This stuff is out of support for Esri and they won't even talk to us about it.

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    I supported 10.0 many years ago, but don't recall exactly. I feel like there is probably a few ways to fix this, including the way you mentioned. Any chance the account(s) in question have had their password change (possibly enforced by domain policy)? If so, getting on each machine and setting the password in the LOG-ON tab of the service may fix it. – KHibma Apr 19 '18 at 17:47

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