I have a map service on a local server (marked 2) and a raster (marked1). enter image description here

I want to add the raster to the service, ovewriting the existing data. To do so I right click the map service in the catalog choose Mange Cache, then Mange TilesIn Update Mode I select RECREATE_ALL_TILES and set the area of interest to the extent of the raster's extent. Nothing happens, am I doing something wrong?


In the share as service dialogue, instead of creating a new service, select overwrite and select your existing service. The data in your table of contents will be used to overwrite the service

  • The thing is I don't want to make the map service from scratch (don't have original MXD) and I want to save the cashing that was defined. – Carmel Han Apr 25 '18 at 5:08

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