Is there any site which provide classified image download for soil,vegetation or water resources?

It is particularly for Indian states, that I need them.

The raster data may also work for me in above aspects.

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For soils you might take a look at the Harmonized World Soil Database (1km pixel size), and for vegetation you might be able to use the MODIS land cover product (500m pixel size). I would recommend the ESA's Globcover product for vegetation (300m), but their site seems to be under maintenance.

As for water resources, I'm not familiar with any raster products for India.


I am assuming you that you want satellite data that can be used for classification.

Have you looked at the LISS-III & AWIFS data that is available from Bhuvan? This data can be downloaded at http://bhuvan-noeda.nrsc.gov.in/download/download/download.php

If this isn't what you are looking for, please clarify your question. I know quite a lot of NRSC websites inside out, and might be able to help you better.

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