Basically is it possible to copy georeferenced information from one raster (original) to another one (Photoshoped), not the tfw but actually header?

I looked hard but can't find any precise answer.


Assuming you are working on a GeoTiff file, you can use OSGeo4w Shell which comes with QGIS installation.

Let's say file names are:

  • Original raster: original.tif
  • Photoshopped raster: retouched.tif

Start OSGeo4w Shell and move to the directory (folder) you store the raster file original.tif. Then,

listgeo original.tif > original.gtf
geotifcp -g original.gtf retouched.tif output.tif

Above, first line will copy geotag from original.tif and save it as a gtf file. Second line will paste gtf to retouched.tif and return an output raster (output.tif).

It is common we corrupt geotags while Photoshop retouching the image, and OSGeo4W returns an error. Cleaning the retouched file beforehand may help.

listgeo original.tif > original.gtf
gdal_translate -of GTiff -co PROFILE=BASELINE retouched.tif retouched_clean.tif
geotifcp -g original.gtf retouched_clean.tif output.tif

You will find more detailed discussions in this site, but a basic outline (rundown) may be hard to find.

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