I have a large gridded vector dataset (see extract below) and would like to derive a grid of points centered in each cell of the grid. Is there a way to do this in R?


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    In R look at sp::spsample with the regular option. – Jeffrey Evans Apr 25 '18 at 16:45
  • That’s what I was looking for — thank you Jeffrey! – Gion Mors Apr 25 '18 at 16:57
  • There are some functions for independent sampling of the polygons in the spatialEco package as well. – Jeffrey Evans Apr 25 '18 at 20:27

Your dataset seems to be based on a given square/grid. I assume you can prepare a point layer (on the full extent of your dataset) based on the same logic + a given x/y offset to center these points in your squares. Then an intersection query will generate the awaited points.


Based on JeffreyEvans's reply, I would suggest using: sp::spsample

Documentation: https://www.rdocumentation.org/packages/sp/versions/1.2-7/topics/spsample

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