I am trying to do a lo_export of a raster record in PostGIS table:

SET postgis.gdal_enabled_drivers = 'ENABLE_ALL';

SELECT oid, lowrite(lo_open(oid, 131072), tiff) As num_bytes
( VALUES (lo_create(0),
ST_Astiff( (SELECT rast FROM raster_table) )
) ) As v(oid,tiff);

Finally I did SELECT lo_export(oid,'filesystempath');

But when I check the file system path there is nothing there... Anybody know why?

And how can I do to generate the TIFF file?

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the function lo_export() you use is a server side function.

Maybe your file was written into a system directory such as /usr/.../postgresql/... on the server-side (which may be a remote machine) or had issues with access privileges.

I think you can use \lo_export in the psql client if you intend to generate the output image in the file system of your client machine:

\lo_export loid filename

Reads the large object with OID loid from the database and writes it to filename. Note that this is subtly different from the server function lo_export, which acts with the permissions of the user that the database server runs as and on the server's file system.

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