I have a field (WS_Type in the screenshot) that I want to use to calculate values based on the text within the field. The number of occurrences of each WS_Type in the field is not important, but the presence of each different type in the field is. Basically, I need to create an if/then statement that says, if this field contains "NRW" AND "Diversion", then it will get a score of X. If this field contains "NRW" OR "Spring" it will get a score of Y, etc. I'm not sure how to set up this if/then statement.

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Create a new field for your output. Make sure it is string type.

Click Show Codeblock.

Write your code block/'Pre-Log Script Code' in python like this:

   def func(input):
        if 'NRW' in input and 'Diversion' in input:
            return 'X'
        elif 'NRW' in input or 'Spring' in input:
            return 'Y'

Then use it on the field you created like this:

new field=

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    I would change the case, just to be sure, if 'NRW' in input.upper(). but still +1 from me. Apr 26, 2018 at 22:02

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