I have a field called "Genus" where there are string values, for example, the word 'Pinus'.

I want my label to show only the first letter of this word so in my example 'P'.

I was trying to use Function Editor. I was contriving with field.row[0], but I'm not sure with the rest of the syntax.

Maybe there is another solution for it?

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Use this in your label composer, it should do the trick :

left("Genus", 1)

Here's a list of functions you can use in your expressions


Another way is to use the substr() function:

substr("FieldName", 1, 1)

enter image description here

Replace "FieldName" with the name of your field.

enter image description here


Another solution employs the regexp_substr() function:

regexp_substr("data", '^[[:alpha:]]|[0-9]')



There is also a solution that uses the array_to_string() function.

string_to_array("test", '')[1]

Note: here I am referring to the fist character via [1] and not [0] (because it is a space even though initially there is no space in the string).


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