QGIS 3.0 is not backwardly compatible with QGIS 2.0, so currently my plugin (which was fine in the old version) is broken and I am trying to overhaul as required. The documentation seems to be taking a while to catch up with the software.

Would anyone be able to post some code which shows how to create a custom menu for a plugin in version 3.0?

My existing method (good in version 2.x / PyQt4) is this:

from PyQt4 import QtGui

self.menu = QMenu( "&Whatever", self.iface.mainWindow().menuBar() )
actions = self.iface.mainWindow().menuBar().actions()
lastAction = actions[-1]
self.iface.mainWindow().menuBar().insertMenu( lastAction, self.menu )

mnuSub1 = self.menu.addMenu('Sub-menu')
mnuSub1.setIcon(QIcon(icoFolder + 'img1.png'))
mnuAction = mnuSub1.addAction("Do something...",self.RunSomething)

You can do exactly the same with PyQt5 [1] if you apply some minor changes.

  • Import from PyQt5
  • Many things have been split from the QtGui module to the QtWidgets module. Among them QMenu (note the qmake QT += widgets entry).

from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QMenu

self.menu = QMenu("&Whatever", self.iface.mainWindow().menuBar())
actions = self.iface.mainWindow().menuBar().actions()
lastAction = actions[-1]
self.iface.mainWindow().menuBar().insertMenu(lastAction, self.menu)

[1] Sidenote, the QGIS API itself is not actually relevant here, it's the PyQt docs which count. So I wouldn't blame the QGIS docs for not catching up.

  • Thanks. Problem solved. (My point about documentation was, I think, based on a misconception. I was looking for help in the PyQGIS Developer Cookbook and thought that there was nothing for Version 3.0, but I see that there is. It is just not named as such. It is called 'Documentation QGIS Testing'.)
    – wotnot
    Apr 28 '18 at 14:53

In QGIS 3, QgisInterface provices

  • addPluginToDatabaseMenu Add action to the Database menu
  • addPluginToMenu Add action to the plugins menu
  • addPluginToRasterMenu Add action to the Raster menu
  • addPluginToVectorMenu Add action to the Vector menu
  • addPluginToWebMenu Add action to the Web menu

As documented in https://qgis.org/pyqgis/master/gui/QgisInterface.html

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