I've made a task oriented ArcGIS Online application that I like to improve: The application is about filling a numeric score field in a table for each row. Each row in the table is related to a feature service's layer row\feature.

How can I make the symbology of the related feature to be shown as a graduated color that is based on a statistic value (count, mean, sum etc.) of its related table rows?

I'm almost positive that the answer to this question can be achieved by using the ArcGIS Arcade new expression option, when used in the change style tab. The reason for this assumption, is I've already manged to so with the layer's pop-ups as specified here. So I think what I'm looking for now is a syntax to represent this one-to-many relationship - something like this pseudocode:

// return the average values of feature's related rows from a numeric score field Average($feature.relationships\0\NumericFieldNameFomRelatedTable)

--- Things I've tried ---

  • 'Dive' quite deep in to the AGOL web map's interface.
  • Try to migrate it to ArcGIS Pro and somehow to fetch the pop-up's expression
  • find an alternative in web-appbuilder's widgets.

--- Thing's I need to go a little deeper ---

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