I am trying to map the maximum water extent in a certain area. Therefore I thought to use the JRC dataset by using the 'max_extent' band. The code however gives me the following error: "max_extent" is not defined in this scope. The 'max_extent' band is binary instead of for instance the 'occurrence' band.

  1. Is there something wrong in my code?
  2. How to visualize the binary 'max_extent' band?
  3. Is the JRC datset suitable for this task, or should I use another method?


// ------MAXIMUM EXTENT------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

var gsw = ee.Image('JRC/GSW1_0/GlobalSurfaceWater');

var occurrence = gsw.select('max_extent');


  eeObject: occurrence.updateMask(max_extent.divide(100)),
  name: "Maximum Water Extent (1984-2015)",  

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  1. Yes, 'max_extent' is not defined in your scope. Check your code, there isn't any object called max_extent
  2. Map.addLayer(gsw.select('max_extent'))
  3. Is unclear the aim of your analysis, please be clear. If you want the maximum water extent in a certain area, just use max extent instead occurrence layer.
  • Thanks! In the end it turned out to be the '.divide(100)' part which was interfering. – Alexander Nijhuis May 2 '18 at 5:51

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