I am trying to find a way to count all the points that are only within a specified distance of 500 meters of another set of points.

My first shapefile contains a series of points of various types of businesses in an area. And the other shapefile contains only points of churches in the same area. I want to overlay the two shapefiles programmatically using python to determine how many of my original set of points lie within a 500 radius of the church points.

I've attempted to solve this is but I am running into a few problems. First is I am not sure how to extract a particular type of business from my shapefile, say barbershops, I am not sure how I would specify to python that I only want to find the number of barbershops that lie within a radius 500 Meters of all Churches in the area.

Here is what I am attempting:

import arcpy

# Unsure what exactly Buffer_analysis does, so not sure if this would work
arypy.Buffer_analysis("LocalBusinesses.shp", "C:\Users\new\pointDataBuffer.shp", "500 Meters", "#", "#", "NONE")

target_features = "C:\Users\new\churches.shp"

join_features = "C:\Users\new\LocalBusinesses.shp"

out_features = "C:\Users\new\pointDataBuffer.shp"

arcpy.SpatialJoin_analysis(target_features, join_features, out_features,"#","#","#","#","500 Meters","#")

Problems I am facing are to specific that I only want barbershops in the first shapefile. I am not sure if 500 Meters there will take care of that.

Is there a more efficient way of performing this?


Wasn't sure how to use this info, but it seems relevant:

Also wondering if this might work:



If you just want a total count of Points within 500 meters, run "Select by Location", select "Intersect the source layer feature" , enable "Apply a search distance", enter 500 for the distance and "Meters" for the unit.

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  • Thanks klewis, but I am trying to write this into a python script. I just found the arcpy function SelectLayerByAttribute_management. Therefore I think I could use that to isolate only barbershops, but not sure how to filer/restrict it to 500 meters. – 9Tom May 2 '18 at 21:28
  • My mistake! I see that feature now. Will try it. Thank you – 9Tom May 2 '18 at 21:33

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