I am currently attempting to show how a coastal area was flooded from the 2010 Mentawai Ocean tsunami on the Pagai Islands. I currently have a DEM and a DEM which I have sourced from a point data set, and I am attempting to show how the coast was flooded using these data points. However, I cannot seem to find out how to show the area which was flooded using the specified water heights. To provide some information I have attached the image here.

.enter image description here

I want to be able to 'smooth out' the point data sets, so that I can explicitly show which areas were flooded. I also have a horizontal inundation data set, so I can depict how far in land the tsunami water inundated the land. However, I am unaware as to how I can combine these data sets to show exactly how far flooding went and how tall flooding was.

  • Are the water depths in the point file? When you say "smooth out" do you mean filling the gaps between the points with information? – Keagan Allan May 3 '18 at 16:44

if you already have a point vector layer, you can extract the information from your DEM to your point layer using the Spatial Analyst tool Extract to Point. You can use Spatial Join to join your horizontal-flooding vector layer. This way each point will have the elevation at ground level and information whether or not it was flooded.

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