I'm using ArcGIS Desktop 10.6 and I'm creating an Add-in to simultaneously add text (textelement populated from user input) and an image (company logo). The issue i'm having is with the image. I know there is a pictureelement but I have no idea how to work with a stdole.IPictureDisperse so I'm trying to see if I can use a PictureMarkerSymbol but no luck.

System.Uri myPictureUri = new System.Uri(picUrl);
PictureMarkerSymbol picm = myPictureUri as PictureMarkerSymbol;
graphContainer.AddElement(picm as IElement, 0);

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Below is some VBA that will add an image to the page layout, note this is a link to the image on the hard drive rather than embedding it into the map document. If you want it embedded simply adjust IPictureElement5.SavePictureInDocument Property.

Public Sub AddPictureToLayout()
    ' Get document
    Dim pMxDoc As IMxDocument
    Set pMxDoc = ThisDocument

    ' Load JPG image into Element
    Dim pPictureElement5 As IPictureElement5
    Set pPictureElement5 = New JpgPictureElement
    pPictureElement5.ImportPictureFromFile "C:\Scratch\myPicture.JPG"

    ' Create an envelope in PAGE units and assign to geometry
    Dim pEnvelope As IEnvelope
    Set pEnvelope = New Envelope
    pEnvelope.XMax = 12
    pEnvelope.XMin = 2
    pEnvelope.YMax = 10
    pEnvelope.YMin = 2
    Dim pGeometry As IGeometry
    Set pGeometry = pEnvelope

    ' Set picture to have envelope geometry, this places it on pagelayout
    Dim pElement As IElement
    Set pElement = pPictureElement5
    pElement.Geometry = pGeometry

    ' Set name property (useful)
    Dim pElementProp3 As IElementProperties3
    Set pElementProp3 = pElement
    pElementProp3.Name = "My Picture"

    ' Add picture to Layout and refresh
    Dim pPageLayout As IPageLayout
    Set pPageLayout = pMxDoc.PageLayout
    Dim pGraphicsContainer As IGraphicsContainer
    Set pGraphicsContainer = pPageLayout
    pGraphicsContainer.AddElement pElement, 0
    pGraphicsContainer.UpdateElement pElement

End Sub
  • Thanks Hornbydd, I will try converting this to c#. Maybe one of the steps I was doing wrong (based on your code) is that I was assigning geometry of a point instead of polygon extent to the ipictureelement. Would that cause an issue? Also you mentioned image path coming from hard drive, I was referencing the image on on a shared drive on the network. Could that cause an issue too?
    – DaBears
    May 7, 2018 at 1:38
  • The point geometry may have caused an error, until I set the geometry of the element the AddElement method threw a generic error. I would have thought the location of the image should not be an issue.
    – Hornbydd
    May 7, 2018 at 10:47
  • This worked, thanks Hornbydd and everyone that posted
    – DaBears
    May 7, 2018 at 16:36

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