I want some functionality in my Android/iOS application i.e. U user is travelling to L location, So when the U is 15 minute away from the L location he/she will get some Notification.

What i tried so far:

  1. Calling google API and get travel time from the current location to the L location on a particular time interval, when i found it to very close from the 15 minute, i triggered notification to the user(U) and stop calling the API.
  2. Geo-fence L location in such a way that travel time from enter the fence to the L location, should be very close to 15 minutes. When user(U) enter into the Geo-fence i triggered notification to the user(U) and remove the Geo-fence.

But for 1st methods Calling google API is not the right way to achieve that. In second method the problem is My locations are not fixed they may vary. So the radius of Geo-fence should be different for every location because travel time is different for the location.

According to to me Geo-fence is a good solution but its dynamic radius are creating the problem.

So is there any other way to achieve that? Or we can fix the dynamic radius issue of Geo-fence in any way?

  • Your question would be a lot clearer if you avoided using X and Y for non-spatial variables. There's nothing wrong with user U or location L. – Vince May 8 '18 at 12:11
  • ok @Vince, i will update – Ajeet Choudhary May 8 '18 at 12:16

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