When I am in Firefox and go to Esri's example at LocatorWidget and add useTracking: true to the geoLocate definition e.g.

  geoLocate = new LocateButton({
    map: map,
    useTracking: true
  }, "LocateButton");

and click on the locator widget I zoom to my location as expected. But if I move the map in any way, Firefox zooms me back to the user location, even if I have toggled the locator widget to not track. IE and Chrome do not behave this way.

  • Why was this voted down?
    – ponder275
    May 9 '18 at 20:10

This seems to be due to how different browsers implement https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Geolocation/watchPosition

In a typical "wired" desktop situation, Chrome/IE/Edge only return one single position, while Firefox returns multiple (even if it hasn't changed).

If you switch to for example using the internet via a cellphone connection, all browsers seem to return multiple locations.

  • This makes sense since I have found the same problem when people run the code on their phone browsers.
    – ponder275
    May 15 '18 at 1:26

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