for our offline maps tool we use *.osm.pbf data for input. As we often need cross border selections or just a country with some "buffer" around borders we use cropped osm data using osmctools.


osmconvert europe-latest.osm.pbf -B=CH_border_buffer10km_v2.poly --complete-ways -o=Switzerland_custom_buffer.osm.pbf

However the resulting map has some features missing:


most apparent is the missing Bodensee - compared with online OSM layer provided by Terrestris:


Can I somehow solve this so the cropped data does not remove all features overlapping the trimline?

The resulting format however has to be osm.pbf. I found a mention of "--complete-multipolygons" parameter here, but osmctools (0.6-1 from ubuntu repository) does not offer me this.

any ideas?

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There is an option for --complete-ways which is more suitable than multipolygons. If you have 32 bit windows and input bigger than 2gb than there will be problem.

This option, and that described in the next two sections, 
will limit the size of the input file to 2 GiB if your 
operating system is 32 bit Windows. 
  • I am already using this option. Input is about 20 GB and OS is 64bit linux.
    – Juhele
    May 11, 2018 at 6:32

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