In my GTFS data, I have bus routes that are on a loop and that is specified in my frequencies.txt. However, I noticed when querying trips on Google that if the trip crosses over the starting/end point of the loop it doesn't connect and it tells you to walk.

Gap in bus route

Query example

My shapes.txt file draws out the full loop for the bus routes so I would expect everything to work but it always seems to have a gap from the last stop in stop_times.txt to the first.

Here are my GTFS files. https://github.com/joshuahouston/theRIDE/tree/gh-pages/feed_files

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I hadn't closed my loop by adding the first stop again as the last stop. I didn't know about this handy page when I created this data and it helped me. http://gtfs.org/best-practices/#loop-routes

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