I'm using two raster (tiff) files of the Global Human Settlement dataset. One is representing the population in each cell, and the other one is representing the type of settlement (1=rural,2=low density urban cluster, 3=high density urban cluster).

I'm trying to create a table with the total population for each type of settlement. Is there a way to create this table using QGIS?

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  • Yes, what have you tried and why didnt it work? – BERA May 15 '18 at 11:54

Usually this kind of task would be raster cross-tabulation (e.g. GRASS r.report, SAGA cross-classification and tabulation,...) operations.

However, since the cell values in population raster can be anything (zero, and/or even 20 million), number of class (or combination) would be too many to expect a reasonable output.

Alternatively, let me suggest more vector-oriented way.

(1) SAGA Raster values to points tool (QGIS Processing toolbox | SAGA | Vector <-> raster).

Just select your two raster layers. This tool will extract values and create a point layer.

(2) Open the attribute table of new point layer.

By the Field Calculator, create a new integer field by an expression:

sum("population", group_by:= to_int("type_of_settlement"))

(Please modify field names of above "population" and "type_of_settlement" as necessary).

New field has the total (sum of) population per the type of settlement.

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