From the Geoserver Layers Preview page, is there a way to get the URL of the services in the 'All Formats' drop-down?

Alternately, is there a way to change which formats are listed in the 'Common Formats' column?

I've been sharing the Layer Preview page to external users as a way to give a quick way to share our data in various formats, but would like to, for example, give the URL for a CSV or SHP rather than send instructions to pull the drop-down menu.

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The url is specified in the WMS GetMap Request.


It is similar to this


The formats can be found here:


You can then alter the outputFormat paramemeter of the URL to accomodate whatever format you need using the values in the link to the formats above.

(comment from DPSSpatial:)

For me, changing the URL from GeoJSON (easy to access the URL via the Layer Preview page in Geoserver) from:






Looking at the HTML, we see that the URL is generated when selecting an item in the drop down menu. It has 2 base URLs, one for WMS and the other one for WFS, and then it adds the selected output format value to the base URL.

You could keep a list of the available format and replace the format from the common format link

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