I have QGIS 2.18.18 and 2.18.19 in seperate computers. I use the following script to remove RubberBand items. It works in 2.18.18 but doesn't work in 2.18.19

import qgis

# Get RubberBands
rbs = [ i for i in iface.mapCanvas().scene().items()
            if issubclass(type(i), qgis._gui.QgsRubberBand) ]

# Remove RubberBands
for rb in rbs:
    if rb in iface.mapCanvas().scene().items():

Colored polygons are RubberBand items.

enter image description here

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I encountered with that problem after I unchecked some built-in plugins. At first I thought it was about version. I don't know why but the script worked after checking again MetaSearch Catalogue Client plugin.

enter image description here

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