I would like to create a dynamic representation of a dataset along the time in QGIS.

I have my data in a layer and a table with a relation from one to many:

TABLE_1 TABLE_2 id_city ---> id_city city year population

My idea is to make some kind of animation that represent the values of population with a range of colors along the time.

To do that I've created a new layer with the geometry of every city duplicated as many times as years and the data of TABLE 2, but I have some doubts...

  • Anyone knows if is there any way to do this representation with QGIS?
  • Is it possible to do it just seting the relation and without a new layer with duplicated geometries?

I have tried the Time manager plugin of QGIS, but as long as i know it shows new geometries along the time, and does not show the same polygon with different values of population (in this case...).

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As far as I'm aware, there is no alternative to TimeManager and there you indeed need to duplicated the geometries.

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