Using GeoServer 2.10.1 and WFS, I need to perform a spatial and attribute query. According to the CQL tutorial it's necessary to use a CQL_FILTER which contains a BBOX, eg:

&CQL_FILTER=BBOX(geom,149.81,-34.20,149.83,-34.18) and name = 'ABERCROMBIE RIVER'

My issue is that I need to specify the SRID in the BBOX query, but I can't see the syntax for this given anywhere.

How can I specify the SRID of the BBOX when it's used in a CQL_FILTER?


A quick look at the ECQL reference shows that you add it to the end of the parameters.

BBOX ( Expression , Number , Number , Number , Number [ , CRS ] )

Tests whether a geometry intersects a bounding box specified by its minimum and maximum X and Y values. The optional CRS is a string containing an SRS code (For example, 'EPSG:1234'. The default is to use the CRS of the queried layer)

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