I have downloaded Sentinel-2 L1C granules from AWS. I saved it as .SAFE format and now have for each tile downloaded as folder structure:


i would like to run some algorithms (atmospheric correction, biophysical procesor, etc.) with ESA's SNAP sowftware on these files.

As there is no .xml file downloaded from AWS, how can i import this file-structure into the SNAP software?

So far i can only select each band independently and load in SNAP as one product, but i would like all bands together as one product.

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The Sentinel-2 L1C AWS bucket is populated by Sinergise, who also publish a Python library called sentinelhub-py that allows you to reconstruct the .SAFE format as expected by SNAP including the relevant XML files. The documentation also explains the differences between the original, compact and reconstructed formats.

  • Thank you for your answer. I actually downloaded the data with sentinelHub. A parameter to set is "SAFE_FORMAT=True" to get a safe folder structure. Unfortunately no .xml file is being downloaded and so far i haven't found this option in the sentinel-hub documentation.
    – shmulik90
    May 25, 2018 at 13:48

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