I have installed QGIS 3, I have uploaded layers from Service New brunswick (GEONB), they all work fine, I am specifically trying to select a land parcel within the "parcels" layer. I have selected the layer in the list and the "select features" buttons and "start editing" buttons are greyed out.

Any ideas how to make the editing or selecting tools work?

enter image description here


All layers seem to be from WMS. WMS layers cannot be edited because they are not vector layers. If the data provider also offers a WFS, you could add WFS layers to be able to select features. For editing you'd need a WFS-T and editing rights or, alternatively, you'd have to store the features from WFS locally (right-click layer | Save as ...) and then start editing.

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  • Thanks for the response, I cannot seem to locate any WFS layer from the data provider. How do I go about storing from WFS locally? – Mike Rushton May 22 '18 at 18:02

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