What I need to do is show the keywords of a local thesaurus on the home screen, similar to how the topicCats are displayed.

Anybody knows how to do this?


You need to add thesaurus xsl parsing into a file for a specific schema, for example in this file: schemas/iso19139/src/main/plugin/iso19139/index-fields/default.xsl

Then you need to add this field into facets; you can do it in this file: web/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/config-summary.xml. After changing this file run index rebuild (and other reindex related stuff) in the admin panel

At the end modify home template: web-ui/src/main/resources/catalog/views/default/templates/home.html.

For easier task check how it is done to inspire thesaurus, so search in the project for this keyword: inspireThemeURI.

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