After classification of an image in GEE, I got 2 lists of user's and producer's accuracies (1*7 and 7*1 dimensions). How can I calculate an average value for each of them now?

print('Validation consumersAccuracy: ', testAccuracy.consumersAccuracy());
print('Validation producersAccuracy: ', testAccuracy.producersAccuracy());

Applying the list reducer does not work.

var meanConsumer=ee.List(testAccuracy.consumersAccuracy()).reduce(ee.Reducer.mean())

Here is the whole code (it's not actually mine, I am new at GEE) https://code.earthengine.google.com/b9ebf87363121a6e51a980dfea187166

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This one is a bit tricky, since GEE prints the result of .consumersAccuracy as the type List but the function actually returns an Array (see the documentation).

The array is 1-dimensional and as such the console interprets/displays it as a list. To get the mean you have to use an array instead of a list reducer. Note that the array reducers requires the axis to reduce over - in the case of a 1D array that would be [0,1].

print('Mean consumersAccuracy:', testAccuracy.consumersAccuracy().reduce(ee.Reducer.mean(), [0,1]))
  • It works now! Thanks a lot, Kersten, for your help!
    – Lena Ok
    May 27, 2018 at 13:31

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