The following code works very well in pyqgis 2.0 with a line shapefile, but when executed with pyqgis 3.0 the instruction measureLine return 0 and with no errors signaled. What is the new instruction in pyqgis 3.0?

from qgis.core import *
from qgis.gui import *

def dist_seg():
  features = layer.getFeatures()
  d = QgsDistanceArea()
  for i,element in enumerate (features):
    m = d.measureLine(element.geometry().asPolyline())
    L.append ((i,round(m,1)))
  return L

I think the version of QGis 3.0.2-1 has an issue with "measureLine". I upgrade to QGis 3.0.3-1 and the code is now working very well.

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