graphicsLayer has a method: setRenderer(renderer)

How to set certain graphic elements of graphicsLayer using UniqueValueRenderer? Any example available? Did not find anything like this on Google therefore opened this issue here. Using: js arcgis 3.23 Is this actually supported in js arcgis version 3.x? As far as I know it is not supported in js arcgis version 4.x

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  • Dear @PolyGeo [link] (gis.stackexchange.com/users/115/polygeo) - I found solution to my question and I have answered it. See: "THE ANSWER: LINK" that I added at the end of the original question as I did not find a way to publish it as the answer - probably because you placed my question on hold. I'm happy I managed to document this important issue as public SDK/manual coverage was missing. Good day! – Moshe May 30 '18 at 4:19
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Did not find a solution on the web so I had no choice but to investigate it on my own. The main question was: how to talk to each graphic element that belongs to a certain graphicsLayer using UniqueValueRenderer. Could not figure out from the ESRI js arcgis 3.23 API and examples what could be the right interface and syntax to use. After experimenting a lot with the code came to the following conclusions:

  1. Symbols defined at the Graphic layer always override symbols defined in a renderer. Therefore I instanced each Graphic using no Symbol.
  2. In order to communicate with each Graphic separately UniqueValueRenderer needs to find some attribute on each Graphic therefore I added an attribute to each Graphic.
  3. Now I attempted to use the Graphic attribute name in the UniqueValueRenderer while using Graphic attribute value to let UniqueValueRenderer select custom symbol for each Graphic.
  4. The syntax for UniqueValueRenderer integration with graphicsLayer was not clear from the available documentation and ESRI examples but I experimented with various options and possibilities intuitively and I managed to make it work!

Here you can find the solution code snippet.

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