Does anyone know if it is possible to load a vector layer in QGIS (not stored in a RDBMS) from a URL/URI?

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Use the GDAL/OGR VSI (virtual file system) syntax. For a URI, you would use /vsicurl, for a zip you would use /vsizip and you can chain them together, for a zip URI you would use /vsizip//vsicurl (note double slash).

So to add the poly layers from:


to QGIS (I have only tested in QGIS 3.0), you would use


So open the Data Source Manager-Vector (or Layer-Add Layer-Add Vector Layer... (ctrl-shift-v) menu) and you can just paste in /vsizip//vsicurl/https://url/etc...


Zipped Shapefile enter image description here

Geopackage enter image description here

Edit: I've just found that you can simply paste the URI for a geopackage in the Add Vector Layer... dialog, you don't need /vsicurl/etc... but this doesn't work for zipped shapefiles.

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