from arcpy import *


#pathway to all rasters in workspace directory
rasters = arcpy.ListRasters('*.tif')

# Local variables:
Output_raster = "test_script.tif"

# Local variables:
aa = "flam_length_new.tif"
bb = "burn_prob.tif"
cc = "us_drought_prob.tif"
dd = "100m_fire_prec.tif"

# Process: Raster Calculator
arcpy.gp.RasterCalculator_sa("(\"flam_length_new.tif")*(Lookup(\"burn_prob.tif\",'Probabilit')*0.6)+(Lookup(\"us_drought_prob.tif\",'Ptobabilit')*0.2)+(Lookup(\"us_fire_1000m_proba.tif\",'prob')*0.3)", Output_raster)

The error is:

Warning (from warnings module): File "", line 1 SyntaxWarning: import * only allowed at module level

Traceback (most recent call last): File "D:\work\scripts\risk_score.py", line 30, in arcpy.gp.RasterCalculator_sa("(\"flam_length_new.tif\")*(Lookup(\"burn_prob.tif\",'Probabilit')*0.6)+(Lookup(\"us_drought_prob.tif\",'Ptobabilit')*0.2)+(Lookup(\"us_fire_1000m_proba.tif\",'prob')*0.3)", Output_raster) File "C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.5\ArcPy\arcpy\geoprocessing_base.py", line 510, in return lambda *args: val(*gp_fixargs(args, True)) ExecuteError: ERROR 000539: Error running expression: rcexec() Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in File "", line 8, in rcexec RuntimeError: ERROR 999998: Unexpected Error.

Failed to execute (RasterCalculator).


First thing you have to do is import your modules correctly. Please just write import arcpy.

Second thing that i see is so complicated this command:

arcpy.gp.RasterCalculator_sa("(\"flam_length_new.tif")*(Lookup(\"burn_prob.tif\",'Probabilit')*0.6)+(Lookup(\"us_drought_prob.tif\",'Ptobabilit')*0.2)+(Lookup(\"us_fire_1000m_proba.tif\",'prob')*0.3)", Output_raster)

Did you test this expression on arcmap manual? And why are you using arcpy.gp.rastercalculator; it's only useful on modelbuilder. You need to use arcpy map algebra. By the way i don't believe that you can collect your result when you type gp rastercalculator then immediately execute for lookup.. I think you need to do those step by step.

  • I am multiplying some factor in Three different Rasters, because of that i am using gp.rastercalculator, arcpy map algebra is througing some errors – Robot Jun 1 '18 at 11:59

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