How can I generate a directionality attribute between two points along a route/line?

Currently I am using Network Analyst to determine closest facilities, but I need a direction (upstream/downstream) along the route from incidents to facilities. Below is a visual example. The attribute I am trying to generate would be the direction ("Upstream") along the route you would have to travel to get from A to B. It should be noted that A and B are different features of different feature classes.

I am somewhat new to Network Analyst. Also, I am open to using methods other than Network Analyst.


EDIT: Clarification

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I wonder if Network Analyst is the best tool for what you are trying to do. Perhaps using a Geometric Network would work better\easier since it sounds like you are doing water flow analysis.

  • I am open to using methods other than Network Analyst, how could this be done using Geometric Network? May 31, 2018 at 22:00

The workaround that I found was extracting DEM values to each of these points. Then using those values, I created a field calculator statement that essentially was B > A = B is upstream of A.

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