I'm totally newbie with any GIS. I have an excel file with few coordinate points that I would like to have on Open Street Map at QGIS 3.03.

I can see the points and I can see the map, but points are not on the map. I guess there is something wrong with the coordinates, but I can't figure out what. Points should be in Helsinki, Finland.

The points are (XY):


What should I do to show them in correct location? (Simple and every step instructions, please)

I would also like to know, how to get shortest route between the points.

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    Do you know the projection those coordinates are in? That will make the process much quicker to convert into WGS84.
    – Mapperz
    Jun 2, 2018 at 15:12
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    Your coordinates are not in Pseudo Mercator (EPSG:3857), what OSM uses. I've searched epsg.io for projections of Finland, but none of them fits to your coordinates. X coordinates are extremely large.
    – Zoltan
    Jun 2, 2018 at 15:56
  • I have no idea about the projection.
    – Miukku
    Jun 2, 2018 at 17:50

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The points seem to be in EPSG:3879 ETRS89 / GK25FIN which places them around Helsinki:

enter image description here

You can save them from Excel to CSV and load that into QGIS with Add delimited text, or use the XYtools plugin.

  • Thank you so much! I still wasn't easy task, but I managed to do it.
    – Miukku
    Jun 4, 2018 at 8:43
  • That's quite normal for GIS. You have to learn a lot at first, doing many mistakes.
    – AndreJ
    Jun 4, 2018 at 9:57

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