I am having trouble with raster clipping whenever the result is saved to a GDB, is there any other way to geoprocess in the memory and have the results behave as if saved to a normal directory?

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    What do you mean, "normal directory"? Like a folder on disk? in_memory is a basically an fGDB. If you want to save a raster to in_memory, its like saving it into the that GDB. – KHibma Jun 4 '18 at 16:21
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    This is an example of an XY Problem. Instead of asking about an unworkable solution, please document the root problem. – Vince Jun 4 '18 at 23:50
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    Can you post your code along with details of what problem you're experiencing with fGDB raster please. – Michael Stimson Jun 5 '18 at 4:28
  • @KHimba Yes, I mean like a folder on disk. I wish to save a raster to a folder, but have it work fast as in_memory. – Yardood Jun 5 '18 at 7:46
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    Just replace this content with a detailed description of the problem. – Vince Jun 5 '18 at 9:02