My goal is quite straightforward: display maps created and mantained in Google My Maps as a layer in QGIS.

The way I thought about doing this is the following:

  1. Write a Python script that acts as some sort of server;
  2. Get this server script to fetch data from Google My Maps (as KML) and serve this data somehow to QGIS, most probably using WFS API or similar;
  3. Add the server address (something like http://localhost:1234 I guess) as a readonly layer in QGIS.

Then, I could edit my maps using Google My Maps, but would be able to keep displaying their current state in QGIS.

So my questions are:

  1. Does this scenario make sense? Is this a viable thing to do?
  2. Is this "webserver" approach the best one? Should I be aiming at writing some sort of plugin instead?
  3. Is it something that has already been done before?

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